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Wire Stands

Perfect for Coroplast yard signs! We stock two options depending on the length of time you will require the sign to be displayed. One is known as an Econowire Stand. It for short-term use only. If you need something that will last longer, we definitely recommend the Heavy-Duty Wire Stand. Contact us today for recommendations on which is right for your project!

Angle-Iron H-Frames

These are perfect for your standard real estate signage and include variations for rider placement on top and on bottom of the sign! They are much sturdier than wire stands and will last a long, long time. Can hold signs made of Coroplast, PVC, Dibond, & Aluminum! This frame typically holds signs that are 24″ wide by 18″ tall. Comes in slide-in and bolt-on variations. Contact us today for recommendations on which is right for your project!

  • Durable frames designed for years of use
  • Panels can easily slide-in from the top or can be bolted in
  • Solid 3/4″ angle iron with pre-punched mounting slots
  • Pointed legs provide ease of ground insertion
  • 6″ rider section located below the main panel
  • Optional 6″ rider section on top

Banjo Frames

These are another great & sturdy option for your real estate or yard signs! Usually signs will be bolted onto a frame of this type. Standard size for the signage is 24″ wide by 18″ tall.

  • Classic round rod “Banjo” frame
  • Rugged and dependable frames that are both cost effective and durable
  • Heavy duty 1/2″ round rod material
  • 3/4″ wide flat strip crossbars
  • The legs are mitered for easy ground insertion


Plastic sidewalk signs are manufactured from rugged polyethylene in the traditional folding A-frame style. Their biggest advantage is they are virtually indestructible and hold up to tough exterior environments. Since they don’t dent or splinter, they make excellent signage choices for parking lots, garages, valet services, and construction zones.

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